Sean has conquered the world

Growing up, Sean was fortunate enough to participate in horseback riding, a hobby that he excelled at and led to him being involved in the Special Olympics, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Sean loves watching heartwarming films with his family; his favorites being, Mary Poppins, Free Willy and the Lion King – in that order! He also loves stories, playing games, picnicking on the beach, attending church and spending time with other family members like his Grandmother, G.G.

He has travelled to many places including Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Ireland, Florida and Costa Rica, just to name a few. He has swam with Dolphins, turtles and stingrays, visited amazing sites such as castles, farms, gardens, ruins and museums and almost climbed the entire Pyramid of the Moon.

On one of these trips, Sean became very ill with pneumonia. It was a scary time for him and his family, but thanks to his bravery and passion for life, Sean pulled through and that made him stronger and livelier than ever.

Sean held a part-time job at Hurley’s Supermarket for many years, while on the side he nurtured his true talent for art. His performance at this job inspired a nomination for the Spirit Award, which Rotaract Blue awarded him. But Sean has always had dreams beyond his supermarket career, and has since gone on to have his Art exhibited in galleries in the U.K., as well as becoming part of the Heart and Sold initiative which has his work featured both online and in their catalogue and have published an article about him in the DSA Journal.

Sean’s courage and determination to transcend his condition has inspired what is now observed as Cayman Islands Down Syndrome Day (March 21), and was featured in a local documentary film about people with Down Syndrome, helping raise awareness both locally and internationally.

This is Sean.

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