Our House

By placing ourselves in the heart of the
Cayman community, we strive to pull
together in support of children with
disabilities, helping each individual grow as a
valued member of the community.

Our plan – Our House

Thanks to the support of our donors, volunteers and partners, we officially opened ‘Our House’ in 2018, an inclusion/training centre created so that children can be provided with the physical support needed within the Cayman community.

Our House is more than just a building, it is a support structure for parents, educators and health professionals alike, offering a full range of supportive and educational services designed to help not only children with special needs, but everyone involved in their lives.

All under one roof

Not only do we intend to run groups for children with all kinds of learning disabilities, but Our House will also be looking to offer a full range of services aimed at parents, teachers and healthcare professionals, so that the whole community is better equipped to support your loved ones.

  • Direct Services:

    Our House will become the first point of call for any family or individual looking for support from special needs services. We will also become the physical point of contact for all current and prospective stakeholders.

  • Inclusion Leadership:

    We understand the importance of supporting our education professional, and so will serve as a training centre, guiding schools to adopt inclusive programs for special needs children.

  • Advocacy:

    Becoming a physical part of the Cayman community will help to raise public awareness and change the public attitude towards special needs.

Our House officially opened its doors in 2018

The implementation of Our House – from start to completion:

  • Step1

    Research, data collection, define solutions, engage stakeholders

  • Step1

    Raise the funding to create Our House

  • Step1

    Identify premises, project plan

  • Step1

    Form the team

  • Step1

    Raise the funding to sustain for the first 3 years

  • Step1

    Complete the fit out and open doors!